This year, Easter fell on April 1st.  Returning back to the office on Monday found a full plate of Buyers searching for homes to purchase!  What are the three rules for a highly qualified Buyer?   Ready, Willing and Able!

Are you READY?  
Timing is everything.  People make moves everyday due to job transfers, retirement, getting closer to family, downsizing, cost of living, and an array of other reasons.  Is your family ready to make a MOVE?

Are you WILLING?  
My career has led me to believe that willingness comes from motivation.  As I go from Buyers to Sellers, the one circumstance I try to discover about them is how motivated they are to either submit an offer-- or to accept an offer.  When the motivation is not there, it's like pushing a donkey- nothing budges.  

Are you ABLE?
By that I mean, do you currently have a house to sell?  Did you just start a new business?  Are you looking in the correct price range? Have you been qualified by a professional Lender?  In other words, are there any obstacles that would keep you from buying that house if it became available TODAY?   

Many prospects searching for a new home begin their search early.  Unfortunately for Sellers, every person who walks through the door has required a tremendous effort by a Seller to clean and polish their home to be "show ready".  The disappointment is in when the buyer is only out looking and still one or two years from being ready to actually purchase a home.  In other words, they are NOT ready, willing or able.  We, as agents, will never actually know until we ask the right questions and have a preliminary conference with each and every buyer prior to showing them properties.  An experienced agent knows this and adheres to this rule.

-- so find an experienced and knowledgeable Agent for your next transaction!